Finding my balance


Lately, it has been my biggest struggle. It was not always a struggle but I found that as I grew older & as I started to think more consciously of my everyday choices, it became more evident. How much is too much of one thing and how much is too little? There is no specificĀ recipe for balance,it’s just something you figure out on the way and through trial and error, so I’ll never have a definite answer for that question. But I do know balance when I feel it. There’s a feeling of safety, comfort,calmness. The tricky part is finding that balance. It’s a rough patch, it’s chaotic, it’s stormy,it’s anxiety-filled.

Now,when I speak about my battle with balance, you may find I’m speaking of it in a general sense. Mainly because it relates to many aspects of my life.

  • The balance between studying and things I want to do in my free time
  • The balance between solitude & socializing
  • The balance between being soft yet stern & fierce
  • The balance between self care and selflessness
  • The balance between hanging on and letting go
  • The balance between mind and heart

All in all, in the midst of the chaos, there is ALWAYS light. There is always a POSITIVE purpose and a reason for your hurdle and that purpose is always to make you just a little bit kinder, a little bit wiser, a little bit more observant, a little bit more grateful, a little bit more open-minded. There are endless possibilities for all the positive ways your trials serve you during the journey and at the end,once you look at your situation from the right perspective.

I’ve learnt to be patient with myself. I’ve learnt that there is no rush to learn.I’ve learnt that there is no due date at which I have to find this ‘balance’. I’ve learnt to love and own my pace at which I am learning and growing.I am falling in love with my journey.

Although your inner battles may not be the same as mine, I’d like to wish you the best in dealing with them how little or large, how few or how many they may be. Give yourself the gift of patience that you desire from others.

Hope that this helped in some way or the other. Keep well. xx


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